Glazing Films for Offices

Printed Office Glazing Film SAS Graphics
PVC film with an under print of white to build up the colours when viewed from outside the room.

Glazing films in offices can not only provide increased privacy but are also a great way to add a splash of colour and interest to your offices and workplaces. The level of privacy desired can be achieved by selecting the most suitable materials and printing techniques available.

For full privacy traditional frosted films are usually the best choice. These are cut to shape and printed to create the desired level of privacy without loss of natural light in the office environment.

Alternately, the use of clear PVC films creates a subtle diffused effect which allows plenty of light in and offers some degree of privacy. We also use fully optically clear films which are almost indistinguishable from the glass to create areas of full transparency alongside the glazing design.

Meeting Room Privacy Film SAS Graphics
Printed with an under print of white to soften the colours from inside the meeting room.
Manifestation Film SAS Graphics
A double layer, etch manifestation film applied to the inside face of the glass and cut translucent vinyl on the outside face.
Optically Clear Glazing Film SAS Graphics
Optically clear polyester film printed full colour plus white ink.
ContraVision Film | SAS Graphics
Contravision one way film applied to office glazing.

In addition to the range of materials available we employ a number of large format printing techniques which creates a number of different effects. UV curing inks create a highly vibrant colour which is opaque, while eco solvent inks produce transparent colours which are more subtle than UV inks. In addition to full colour we also print with white ink which is used to add density to high impact artworks or branding graphics.

SAS Graphics have printed and designed office glazing film for many clients around London and the UK including national brands, architects, designers and creatives. We work with you to understand the desired effect and the level of privacy you require and provide a full design service if required.

The process will often involve producing prototypes and samples to ensure we find the perfect glazing specification for you project before we start production and installation. All of our direct to media printing and glazing film printing work is produced to the highest quality and is installed by our extremely experienced team. From design to final installation we pride ourselves on providing a quality service that is second to none.

For further information, advice or to tell us about your project please give us a call on 0800 270 7997