Art and Photographic Printing

Art and Photographic Printing

Printing of art and photographic work is now achievable using a new range of printing processes and techniques. We are a leader in producing high quality art and photographic prints to sizes not possible with traditional darkroom printing.

Our team have very many years of experience working with photographers and artists in the reproduction of their work. By their nature, every artist and project is truly unique and is needs to be handled with experienced hands. Over the last 10 years our team has helped artists in London and throughout the UK enjoy an explosion in new printing possibilities with these new digital printing technologies and materials.

Photo Panel Printing | SAS Graphics
Gideon Mendle - Drowning World

Gideon Mendel – Drowning World

As part of Estuary Festival we printed 25 photographic panels from Gideon’s Drowning World project. the images are UV printed directly onto Dibond ACM material for exhibition at the old Tilbury cruise terminal.


Framed Photographic Displays

Images printed directly to materials such as Foamex are individually framed and then hung in either formal or gallery style arrangement. These create interesting focal points in office and workplace environments.

Picture framing SAS Graphics
Framed pictures to make a gallery style wall.

Large Format Print Reproduction

Our knowledge of high quality specialist graphic and art printing covers both direct to media printing onto rigid materials as well as printing to specialist roll materials such as floor coverings, wallpapers and dye sublimation printing for fabrics and textiles.

Floor Graphics SAS Graphics
Large format floor graphics Somerset House, London

We produce extremely high quality prints with our Fuji Acuity flat-bed printer prints on almost any material – including metal, wood, glass and a range of plastics. Our computer aided cutting systems cuts out even the most intricate shapes. Our printer uses extra ink channels to create near photographic quality prints onto most materials. The advantages of UV direct to media print over traditional photographic processes are,

  • Prints are now possible to a maximum size of 3,000mm x 2,400mm
  • Prints do not fade under strong daylight
  • Prints are suitable for display indoors and out doors

SAS Graphics have also developed our own stunning high quality art printing techniques. This includes large format printed photographs and art displays made with Dibond (ACM) and acrylics for outdoor exhibitions and galleries.

Dibond ACM Printing

Printing directly onto materials like Dibond is now possible with the same quality as traditional photographic processes. The printed panel can be laminated in the same way as a photographic print. Direct to media printing is more durable than traditional photographic printing and is not prone to de-lamination or fading.

Photo Panels | SAS Graphics
Direct media printed photographic panels.

Acrylic Printing

We print directly onto the back of acrylic to create high quality photographic panels directly comparable with traditionally printed Diasec acrylic face mounted prints. Direct to media printing has the advantage that we print much bigger sizes than possible with traditional printing.

Acrylic Printed Panels SAS Graphics
non-reflective acrylic reverse printed

Graphic Art Printing

We have the facility to print on to materials such as wood, acrylic and other display materials. In addition we have computerised cutting facilities enabling us to cut, route and laser both simple and complex shapes. We produce bespoke designed graphic art pieces using our precision printing and cutting processes.

bespoke graphic art SAS Graphics
3D framed graphic art design

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