Direct to Media Printing

Direct to Media Display Graphics Printing

Direct to Media printing (DTM) represents the biggest step forward in large format graphics printing in many years. By printing directly to the substrate a whole range of traditional issues have since been eliminated.

Prints are UV protected and do not fade, they also reduce the environmental impact of the production process compared to traditional methods. 

SAS Graphics are a leading provider of DTM design and printing services for organisations of all types. We are fully equipped to advise you about the available materials and options, then design, print and install your desired display graphics in workspaces, offices, museums and galleries in London and throughout the UK.

Our customers benefit from the very latest high quality Direct to Media printing technology. Our Fuji Acuity flatbed direct to media printer uses six ink colours over the conventional four colours. Consequently prints are smoother and have a true photographic feel.

Some uses for Direct to Media Printing include the printing of high quality photographic images directly on to materials such as Dibond, Foamex or Foamboard. Other uses for Direct to Media printing include the production of hoarding graphics for external sites and retail spaces as well as back-lit graphics for light boxes replacing traditional Duratrans film.

Large format direct to media printing also lets us get creative with how we print your graphical displays. Now with the options of printing directly onto substrates we can create new print effects not possible before. Finally the addition of white ink and clear ink printing increases the possible print effects. Our flatbed printer will take sheets up to 2.4m x 3.0m which allows up to handle over sized materials up to 50mm in thickness.

Materials we print on to includes:

  • Wood – Plywood, MDF and Timber
  • Acrylic and glass
  • Fabrics and cloth
  • Aluminium
  • Dibond aluminium composites
  • Foamex PVC
  • Foamboard
  • Correx
  • Reboard

Dibond Printing

Photographic quality photo panels suitable for many applications including retail, museum and workspace environments. 

This is a bespoke service so panels can be printed to any size required up to a maximum of 3 metres x 2.4 metres in a single section. Panels are supplied with wall fixings for wall hanging.

Photo Panel Printing | SAS Graphics

Acrylic Printing

We produce acrylic panels by printing directly to the acrylic using the highest quality 6 colour printing process. In addition we are able to print with white inks which enables us to create additional effects including double sided panels. Our panels can be ordered with either a gloss or matt non-reflective finish.

This is a bespoke service, so panels can be printed to any size – up to a maximum of 3 metres x 2 metres in a single section. Panels are supplied with wall fixings for wall hanging.

Acrylic Printing | SAS Graphics

Foamboard Printing

We print large format graphics directly onto Foamboard to create high quality lightweight displays. Our range of foam board includes Kappa Mount, Kappa Tex and Smart X Boards.

Display Panels | SAS Graphics

Foamex PVC Printing

We print directly onto Foamex PVC to create displays and signage. We print full colour as well as white ink and with coloured Foamex available almost any effect is achievable.

Foamex printing | SAS Graphics

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