Self Adhesive Vinyl

Large Format Display Graphics Using Self Adhesive Vinyl 

Self adhesive vinyl is an incredibly versatile materials for large format graphics. Due to the extremely wide selection of specialist materials there is a vinyl that will suit any job. Self-adhesive vinyls have been developed to stick to almost any surface.

As a result self-adhesive vinyl is the first choice for high impact graphics that can be installed in almost any location – from retail spaces, offices and workplaces, to glazing in museums and galleries.

Self-adhesive vinyl (SAV) is a vinyl film with a coat of adhesive. This adhesives range from permanent adhesive for long term displays or high tack adhesive for substrates that are difficult to adhere onto such as brickwork. Furthermore self-adhesive film is made to stretch around objects and is used most effectively with vehicle wraps.

We print self adhesive vinyl with UV curing inks and latex inks dependant on the required finished effect. The printed self adhesive vinyl is also laminated for further protection. Choice of laminates include Matt, Gloss, Dry wipe and Anti Graffiti. The vinyl is then computer cut to a final design. 

Self Adhesive Films | SAS Graphics

We provide full design, production and installation services for large format printed vinyls for clients of all sizes in London and throughout the UK. And are happy to advise you about the options available.  

Some interesting specialist films include the “wall wrap” products. This product is designed to stick to brickwork and is heated to conform to the texture of the bricks. In addition this material is suitable for both internal and external installation.

Other self adhesive products include:

  • Low tac removable products including Phototex for repositionable short term wall graphics. Easy to install and will not damage the wall surface.
  • Easy Dot bubble free vinyl for dry fast application to smooth surfaces including glass, painted surfaces and doors.
  • Self-cling films which have no adhesive for window displays.
  • Textured self adhesive wall coverings for long term displays.


Uses for Self Adhesive Vinyl

  • Display Hoardings
  • Wall Coverings
  • Promotional Displays
  • Stickers and Decals

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