Foamex Printing

Large Format Foamex Printed Graphics & Signage

Foamex printing is used to create a range of graphic and signage solutions in workspaces, offices, retail environments and elsewhere. It comes in a range of colours and thicknesses and works well for both interior and exterior display graphics.

SAS Graphics have become a leader in design, print and installation of Foamex printed displays in London and throughout the UK. Our experienced team prints direct to the media in order to ensure high-quality durable branding or graphic displays. 

Our large format direct to media printers allow us to produce high-quality graphical displays using Foamex and a range of other materials, all of which can be printed and cut to any shape.

Foamex printing | SAS Graphics
Foamex Printing | SAS Graphics
Foamex Printing | SAS Graphics

Foamex is very adaptable and a popular product for those in need of branded signage and graphic displays for retail environments, offices and a range of workspaces. Standard thicknesses are 3mm, 5mm and 10mm with other thicknesses available. 

Foamex PVC has a self-extinguishing property which means If ignited in air, the fire will die by itself. Subsequently, Foamex PVC complies with the most fire resistance standards. Foamex holds a class 1 fire rating. 

Foamex PVC can be cut with a knife for straight edges or can be CNC routed to cut detailed shapes. This makes it a great display graphics material. It is suitable for both internal and external display and signage applications.

Uses For Foamex PVC include:

  • Promotional displays
  • Signage
  • Point of sale displays
  • Exhibition graphics
  • Menu boards
  • Safety signs
  • Parking signs

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