Optically Clear Film Printing

Clear Glazing Film Printing for Graphic Displays on Glass

Optically clear glazing film allows us to create many new effects on glass which would have not otherwise been possible (or practical) with traditional processes.

An optically clear printable film is applied over the entire surface of the glazing which makes it virtually invisible. This allows us the create designs that have intricate elements that would not have been practical to cut out. In addition designs that include graduations in the artwork are now be created without having a hard edge – thus creating a much more pleasing effect.

Films are printed with both UV curing ink processes and Eco Solvent inks. The choice is dependant upon the desired finished effect. Eco Solvent printing gives a softer, more transparent effect but the colours are not as strong as with UV print. 

Optically Clear Film | SAS Graphics

Uses for optically clear glazing film include:

  • Retail Window Displays
  • Full Coverage Designs
  • Designs with Intricate Shapes
  • Designs Containing Graduations
Optically Clear Film Printing | SAS Graphics

SAS Graphics are fully equipped to print high quality, large format graphics on a range of clear glazing films and provide business in London and throughout the UK with beautiful graphics and branding for offices and workplaces.

We use Lintec optically clear films which offer the best print quality and are polyester based so more environmentally friendly than other PVC based films. Our UV print utilises 6 colour inks plus white for smooth high quality printing. The white ink option allows us to create double sided glazing graphics on optically clear and PVC films and white under print effects for vibrant high impact displays.

Films are available with either a permanent or removable adhesives and can be laminated for extra protection when required. Our optically clear films can be applied to interior and exterior glazing surfaces and can be removed with out leaving any adhesive residue on the glazing surface.

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