Acrylic Printing

 Acrylic Printing For Photographic Displays, Graphics and Signage

SAS Graphics have developed our acrylic printing process for printing directly onto Perspex acrylic using the latest 6 colour high resolution UV printing technology. Our process achieves near photographic quality – making this process suitable for artists and photographers or those looking for highly finished quality graphic displays.

As a leading provider of large format printed display graphics in London and throughout the UK, our customers enjoy high-quality design, print and installation services – ideal for retail environments, offices and workspaces.

We print onto both solid colours and clear acrylics to create front lit and back lit displays. Furthermore we then CNC route the panel to any desired shape, making it suitable for a whole range of graphic display and signage projects.

Acrylic Printing | SAS Graphics
Zund Acrylic Routing | SAS Graphics
Acrylic Printing | SAS Graphics

Acrylic printing has always been desirable for high end photographic displays but has always been limited by the size of photographic papers and has been a slow expensive process. But now, by printing directly onto the Perspex, we are able to recreate the same high-quality effects at larger sizes and at a lower price.

Back lit displays are also made by printing onto the reverse face of clear acrylic and then applying a coat of translucent white ink to diffuse the light. This process is far superior to the traditional process of mounting display film to acrylic, as it is more durable and cost effective.

Our photographic and wall art panels are made of a clear acrylic sheet with a solid sheet behind with wall fixing, for easy installation.

Uses for acrylic printing include:

  • High quality photographic wall art
  • Back lit displays for lightboxes
  • Internal signage

Some acrylic print applications are:

  • Hospitality, retail and workplace branding
  • Museums, gallery exhibitions
  • High quality graphic displays

Large format printed acrylic is cut to size and shape with our Zund CNC router, which creates a clean smooth finished surface. More complex shapes can be cut using a laser cutting system, which is ideal for small pieces and letter shapes.

For further information, advice or to tell us about your project – please give us a call on 0800 270 7997

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