Retail and Event Graphics Printing

The design, printing and installation of retail graphics requires excellent production and installation skills. Time is of the essence and clients need a large format graphics printing service that can deliver under pressure. On-time and on-budget.

Indeed retail display graphics providers are often at the leading edge of innovations when it comes to faster and better ways to create graphical displays for retail outlets and stores. Because SAS Graphics have been a leading provider of retail graphics production in London and throughout the UK, we are often cited as the go-to large format printing company.

We create retail graphics using both traditional and new materials and techniques such as self adhesive vinyls and window films – with additional specialist services first developed for retail graphics.

Display Tension Fabrics Printing SAS Graphics

Tension Fabric Systems

Stunning front-lit and back lit displays can be created with the tension fabric system. Printed directly on to a fabric and then edged with a silicon kedar strip. This allows the printed fabric to be stretched into the framework. Once the aluminium framework has been fitted to the wall installation, updating of the graphic is fast and economical.

The logistics of a brand promotion or product roll out are vastly simplified, instead of shipping large rigid panels to store requiring specialist installation. Now new graphics are folded into a box and shipped for easy installation by the store staff. 

Direct to Media Printing 

Fast, economical production of high-quality rigid display panels is made possible with direct to media printing. Lightweight and freestanding displays are made with foam boards and recycled products such as Re-board. Our CNC cutting facility means that complex shapes and structures can be produced quickly and accurately.

Lightbox Display Printing

Traditional lightbox display printing processes such as photographic duratrans have become prohibitively expensive and are limited to the sizes of duratrans film still available. Digital printing technologies have evolved so we now produce high quality back-lit displays with UV print onto either a film or directly to acrylic.


The key to successful retail graphics is having a great installation team who can cope with the challenges of working to tight deadlines and exceeding the clients expectations. With years of experience working across a range of projects and materials we believe our team will be hard to beat. 

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