Tension Fabric System Printing

Display Graphics Printing for Tension Fabric Systems

SAS Graphics are a leading provider of large format printing services in London and throughout the UK. As an innovative display graphics production company we provide a full design, production and installation service for tension fabric systems.

With tension fabric systems there is no limitation on the size of the imagery or graphical display. Large displays created with the modular construction for the aluminium framework. Illumination is provided by long-life low energy LED lights mounted in the back panel or frame mounted for edge lit displays. 

With the recent developments in graphical display solutions it is no wonder that tension fabric system printing has revolutionised the way many venues create their displays. 

Tension Fabric Printing | SAS Graphics
Tension Frame System | SAS Graphics

The tension fabric system consists of two elements:

Firstly the framework which is free standing or wall mounted is LED illuminated to create a back lit display – or can be non illuminated for front lit displays.

The aluminium framework is available in a number of thicknesses from thin low profile for non illuminated displays to larger profiles for large double sided illuminated displays. The aluminium framework is supplied pre assembled or flat packed for assembly on site. 

Then the graphic design is printed onto a fabric material. The printed fabric is then finished with a silicon strip which is sewn in to the fabric along all edges. 

The printed fabric is simply fitted into the edge of the aluminium profile with no tools or specialist knowledge required. The speed and simplicity of changing the graphics on fabric tension systems is one of its big advantages. Instead of having to ship large rigid panels or employ specialist graphics installers each time the design is updated, now the display is updated by staff on site. 

Uses for tension fabric systems include:

  • Large format graphic displays
  • Back lit light boxed displays
  • Free-standing acoustic panels

Popular tension fabric applications include:

  • Hospitality, retail and workplace branding
  • Museums and gallery exhibitions
  • High quality graphic displays

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