Manifestation Film

Manifestation Film Printing for Glazing in Retail, Hospitality and Office Workspaces

Manifestation film is traditionally created using a frosted film which has the appearance of an acid etch finish.The design printed on the film can be highly complex, or be as simple as a band of dots or stripes which is the minimum required to comply with safety legislation.

The primary purpose of manifestation film is to prevent anyone from walking into your glass, but it is used to great effect to create striking designs that enhance the glazing of offices, retail spaces and workplaces. The combination of all these manifestation production techniques allows us to create exactly the right level of privacy for you glazing while still complying with the required safety legislation.

Our full design, production and installation services for glazing film allows us to create striking displays for businesses throughout London and the UK. And we are fully equipped to print large format manifestation film in a way that adds colour and reinforces your branding in the workplace or retail environment.

Manifestation Film | SAS Graphics
office manifestation film

We also provide print and cut services, that allows us to use many types of films and we are always happy to offer advise and discuss your options. 

Manifestation designs are created in many ways, In addition to frost and etch glazing film there are numerous other options. Vinyl films are available in many colours and for the ultimate in creativity we print your small or large format bespoke design directly to a clear glazing film.

The designs are then cut to the finished shape and then applied to your glazing. In addition we print to a range of fully optically clear films that cover the entire glass surface, this allows us to use effects such as graduations that fade to clear which would not be possible with traditional cut designs.

Uses for manifestation films include:

  • Glazing in Public Places 
  • Retail Environments
  • Office Partitions

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