Display Graphics and Large Format Printed Products

SAS Graphics enjoy what are considered by many, as the best large format graphics printing production equipment and processes available in the UK. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team are able to design, print, cut and install a huge range of graphic and photographic display materials in London and throughout the UK.

By always ensuring the highest possible quality, our products and services are enjoyed by a range of clients, from multinational corporations, national brands, museums, galleries and individual artists and photographers.

As a result of our highly efficient, customer focussed services, we have grown to become the number 1 choice for large format display graphics for individual exhibitions, workplace re-branding and product launches.

Our facilities include:

Flatbed direct to media printing using the latest Ultra Violet 6 colour ink technology from Fuji Film. We print up to a maximum sheet size of 3m x 2.4m and up to a thickness of 50mm. This machine produces near photographic quality prints on to many materials including acrylic and Dibond. Because of its exceptional quality this machine is suitable for both large format graphics as well as art and photographic reproductions.

Roll to roll UV ink printing for materials such as bespoke digitally printed wallpapers and glazing films. The addition of white and clear ink options further increase the creative possibilities with this machine.

Zund cnc cutting facility enables us to cut or route most materials with mm precision. This makes it possible to produce a large amount of display graphics quickly and accurately which is essential for our clients requirements.

In addition we have laser cutting and wet paint spraying facilities which enable us to produce complex bespoke products from art displays to signage.

For further information, advice or to tell us about your project – please give us a call on 0800 270 7997